FloMet offers a holistic ecosystem of solutions

The focus of FloMet is to provide our customers with one source for all their program needs and as a result eliminate the need to coordinate efforts between multiple suppliers. At FloMet we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and stand by our customers from the preliminary design of a prototype to the development of the program and into mass production.  The foundation of FloMet is built on 25+ years of experience in providing complex precision components with applications in a multitude of industries, with reduced lead time to market and at a lower cost compared to alternative technologies such as die casting. FloMet's mission is to bring innovation to manufacturing and as we continue to expand our innovation and pushing further the limits of Metal Injection Molding capabilities, the benefit to support our customers’ needs will continue to be at the forefront.

FloMet a division of ARC Group Worldwide (NASDAQ: ARCW) is a metal injection company specializing in small complex components with precise tolerances. Our wide range of material selection allows you the flexibility of custom alloys beyond stainless steels including Tungsten, Cobalt Chrome, and EMI shielding material. We offer single source, supply chain management by utilizing a variety of technologies under the ARC Group Worldwide portfolio of companies. FloMet is ISO 9001-2008 and 13485 certified.

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Metal Injection Molding Innovators
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a rapidly-emerging technology, and FloMet has been instrumental in its growth and development. For the past two decades, FloMet has pushed the capabilities and boundaries of this technology to produce highly detailed complex metal components more efficiently and economically than could be accomplished using traditional manufacturing methods.
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Take Advantage of FloMet’s Experience

Tell us about your application. We can guide you in designing a part that uses metal injection molding (MIM) to meet your precise needs. Your design is complete. Now you want to see how much metal injection molding can save you in production costs. Fair enough. Just ask. For the last 25+ years we developed and manufactured components that were consider almost impossible to make. We keep pushing the limits of dimensional accuracy, material chemistry and component design through innovative and challenging features such as extremely thin wall sections.
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