Metal Injection Molding for Precision

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is ideal for the high-volume production of metal parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. MIM combines the benefits typically associated with plastic injection molding with the properties of metal.

MIM parts can be made of a wide variety of metals and alloys to provide the exact properties required for the individual application. A viable alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, Metal Injection Molding offers numerous advantages:

Improved production costs. MIM is more cost effective than other manufacturing processes such as investment casting, die casting, and machining. Typically the higher the production volume, the greater the savings.

Greater design freedom. Design your part as geometrically complex as you’d like. Intricate features including dovetails, slots, undercuts, threads, holes, pockets, splines, and curved surfaces are achievable with MIM.

Small, miniature, micro-miniature sizes, tight tolerances, and thin cross section parts can be as small as 0.060" x 0.040" x 0.010" and contain minute features. Tolerances can be +0.005" per linear inch. Thin, uniform cross sections up to 0.20 of an inch can be produced.

MIM is ideal for mass production and FloMet has the experience with multi-cavity tooling to support all of your production requirements.
High density.
Metal Injection Molded part densities can achieve up to 98% of wrought material.
MIM parts are extremely consistent in density, weight, and dimensional properties. That means less variability, nearly zero defect parts, and minimal wasted materials, time, and expense.
Minimal secondary operations.
Most MIM parts can be made exactly to specification, often eliminating the need for machining, surface finishing, or other secondary work.
Part Consolidation.
A single MIM-created part can sometimes replace two or more parts.
Short Lead-times.
Without the need for secondary operations or assembling, time savings are significant.
Custom alloys.
Custom alloys can be blended for your application to obtain greater strength, better corrosion resistance, improved magnetic properties, and custom thermal expansion.
High yield/low waste.
The finished product utilizes nearly 100% of the metal powder consumed, eliminating excess costs due to waste.
Green process.
With MIM, virtually no waste is generated and any scrap is recycled.