Thin Wall Capabilities

FloMet feedstock development over the years has resulted in the ability to flow our feedstock, during the molding process, unlike any other MIM company.

This has allowed us to produce components with unique thin walls that create a competitive edge for our customers. Most MIM processes are capable of walls that range between 0.020" - 0.040" in thickness. FloMet wall thickness capability is 0.010" - 0.015" over 0.500" length. In shorter lengths of 0.100" or less we are capable of 0.0045" thickness. This is especially critical in areas of transition where the thickness of the feature or wall diminishes over a certain distance.

Applications include:

  • Enclosures / packages where internal volume is critical to the fit of the components or subassembly.
  • Minimally invasive surgical devices that require miniature components.
  • Components that require a wall thickness transition such as a taper.

The FloMet Solution

Using FloMet's unique Metal Injection Molding Process (MIM), we can provide a wide variety of shapes to match the size and geometry of the required application. FloMet's proprietary feedstock and molding processes allows us to produce thin walls that extend the potential geometry options for our customers well beyond the competition.

Since our thin wall components are molded we can add features in the tooling that other processes cannot achieve without additional secondary operations. This unique capability creates a competitive edge in the design and manufacturing of components for our customers.